July 29, 2014

Debbie Dingell, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for Michigan’s 12th Congressional District, issued the following statement on tomorrow’s 49th anniversary of the signing of Medicare into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on July 30, 1965:

“Medicare is a success story. For nearly 50 years Medicare has provided life-saving health insurance to millions of Americans. It has significantly increased life expectancy and reduced the number of seniors living in poverty while improving their quality of life. Before Medicare, most of America’s seniors lacked insurance and faced financial ruin upon receiving a negative health diagnosis. Today, over 50 million American seniors and disabled individuals are insured through Medicare, more than half of whom have an annual income under $23,000.

“The legacy and future success of Medicare are personal for me. My husband, John Dingell, presided over the U.S. House of Representatives when it passed Medicare. As America’s population ages it’s more important than ever that we ensure the long-term solvency of Medicare, as well as Social Security. Our seniors worked hard for decades to pay their fair share to support Medicare and Social Security and they earned the dignity of a secure retirement.

“If elected to Congress, I will work every day to ensure that Medicare continues to provide quality and affordable coverage for America’s seniors because they earned it and they deserve it.”