July 30, 2014

Debbie Dingell, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for Michigan’s 12th Congressional District, is going into the August 5 Primary having captured more than 100 endorsements including support from the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit News and the Michigan Chronicle newspapers.

“My campaign is about fighting for working men and women and their families,” Dingell said. “By endorsing my campaign, organizations and individuals are signaling support for the priorities I will work on if elected to Congress, priorities like job creation, quality and affordable health care and education, and fairness in the workplace to name a few.”

Debbie Dingell’s most recent Primary endorsement came July 27 when the Detroit Free Press wrote:

“[Debbie Dingell] is superbly qualified…Dingell has spent decades as a standard-bearer for Democratic principles and bipartisan collegiality……. she brings political acumen and policy expertise that few incumbent members of Congress can match.”

On July 23 the Michigan Chronicle endorsed Debbie Dingell in the Primary, noting in part:

“Very seldom do we see a congressional candidate of her stature with the depth of knowledge, capability, competence and relationships she will bring to the office. She has the respect of those who don’t agree with her, and they see her as a force to be reckoned with in addressing the affairs of the nation.”

In all, Debbie Dingell has received 101 endorsements, including 48 from organizations representing a variety of business and labor groups. Also endorsing her in the Primary are elected officials from throughout Michigan and the 12th Congressional District. For a full list of endorsements visit: Debbie Dingell Endorsements