July 17, 2014

Debbie Dingell, candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 12th Congressional District, today voiced her strong support for the Middle Class Jump Start Action plan unveiled by House Democratic members in Washington, D.C. this morning. The Democratic plan is designed to create jobs, raise new ladders of opportunity, and help reignite the American Dream.

“Among the issues that concerns me most is the shrinking middle class, and the fact that too many people are working harder, making less money with increasing costs in all aspects of their lives,” Dingell said. “The Middle Class Jump Start Action Plan addresses those issues by focusing the nation’s attention on better jobs at home, making higher education more affordable and helping women succeed in the workplace. This is an action plan that can help make America stronger by making a difference in the lives of working men and women.”

Debbie Dingell has been a champion on all three pillars of this plan throughout her career. As part of her work at General Motors and later as chair of chair of the Manufacturing Initiative at the American Automotive Policy Council, she fought to keep manufacturing jobs in Michigan and to incentivize businesses to make Michigan their home. She has also worked to make sure those workers have full protection in the workplace and are treated, as well as paid, fairly.

Debbie has also fought for the equal treatment and advancement of women in the workplace.

“In the 21st Century, it is unacceptable that a woman doing the same work with the same background as a male counterpart is paid almost 30 percent less,” Dingell said. An outspoken critic of this workplace inequity, Debbie would make addressing it a priority if elected to Congress.

Finally, Debbie has fought to keep education affordable and accessible.

“Every American deserves the opportunity to have a quality and affordable education,” Dingell said. “Our commitment to education must begin at birth and continue throughout life with access to higher education and job re-training. Recent years have witnessed devastating cuts by the Congress in our investment in education. We must have a real commitment to education; our nation’s young people are 25 percent of our population but they are 100 percent of our future.”

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