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How to Contact the Campaign

For Media, please emailĀ

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Call the Campaign at: (313) 749-8890, or 313-791-2707

Mail the Campaign at: 19855 W. Outer Dr. Suite 103 AE, Dearborn, MI 48124


Debbie believes these next few months are an important opportunity for people to get to know her and for her to listen to people, understand their views and concerns, and to have real dialogues about issues that concern people, differences people want to make and how to make our communities stronger. WE NEED YOUR TO HELP DO THAT!

Please consider hosting a house party for your friends and neighbors to just get to know her. Do you have a regular coffee group and don’t mind a visitor…invite her to join you. She will tell you that her friends from her regular Panera coffee group are so important to her and that the vigorous debates and discussions they have, keep her grounded and energized.

Let us know if you would like to help. House parties can and should be very simple so you need not do a lot of work. Just invite your friends for conversation and coffee…

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