April 8, 2014

The Michigan Teamsters Joint Council (MTJC) 43, which represents some 40,000 rank and file teamsters, has endorsed Debbie Dingell for Congress. Dingell is seeking the Democratic nomination for election to represent Michigan’s 12th Congressional District.

“The Teamsters have a history of fighting for workers and working families and that’s a commitment we know Debbie shares with us,” said Greg Nowak, MTJC President, “By sending Debbie to Congress, we’ll have an advocate to fight for the things that matter most to our members and all Michiganders: access to a quality education, jobs and health care.”

The Teamsters are America’s largest, most diverse union. In 1903, the Teamsters started as a merger of the two leading team driver associations. The Teamsters are known as the champion of freight drivers and warehouse workers, but have organized workers in virtually every occupation imaginable, both professional and non-professional, private sector and public sector.

“The Teamsters have always been about issues above all else and that is why this endorsement means so much to me,” said Dingell. “I look forward to continuing to fight for the issues that matter most to the 40,000 rank and file teamsters like creating jobs, ensuring access to healthcare, and making sure everyone has access to a quality education.”

The MTJC joins a growing list of endorsements for Dingell who announced her candidacy on February 28th. Among those who have endorsed Debbie Dingell are:
• The 12th Congressional District Democratic Party.
• The Michigan United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW)
• Locals 876 and 951.
• The Michigan Joint Council of the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU)
• The Brownstown Township, Dearborn and Southwestern Wayne County Democratic clubs.
• 12th District elected mayors and township supervisors.
• 12th District state legislators
• Emily’s List